Saturday, January 5, 2008

The happy couple!

This picture was taken at Aunt Belva's house just before Christmas. I had no idea but Dean was planning a holiday proposal. He asked me to marry him after a lovely dinner at the Old Stone restaurant in Belmont, NC.
It was so romantic and sweet. I said yes of course.
He presented me with a gorgeous diamond solitaire engagement ring. I was knocked out by how pretty and sparkly it was. When we went outside the white Christmas lights on the trees on Main St. in Belmont and the bright stars on the clear black sky made the night complete magic.
Now we have to set the date. Any ideas?
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Jewel and fam.

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Dean's Birthday

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All the girls

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Indigo and Seamus

My cats are at home on the porch.
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Dean and Uncles

This is a goofy picture but I like it. Dean was very happy to see his family for a yearly tradition.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Decoration Day 2007

We spent Sunday in Asheville for Decoration day and for Dean's birthday. I (Julie) will add photos to this blog when I figure out how to do it!

We aimed the new Accord for Weaverville and enjoyed a pleasant ride on a sunny very warm day. Bernice had prepared a delicious lunch of Chinese tacos. Yum! We had a nice visit with Jewel, Brian and his girlfriend Tonya.

I have lots of pictures of this day, especially nice ones at the cemetery. I will fill in the blog with details about the cemetery later when I get the photo issue resolved.

When we got back to Bernice's house we sang happy birthday to Dean and had coconut cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Dean!!!

I am selling my townhouse on Monday and have been very excited to stop paying a mortgage on a place I haven't been living in.

Also, Thursday I had a Facet Joint injection which required sedation so I have sort of been down for the count since then.

More later--see Julie's bog Myindigosea for more from me.

Dean will add to this blog soon. He has been very busy at work!